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​Fundamentally our difference is that we build food plants from the inside out. Our focus is at the core of your process and what it will take to deliver the best end product to your customer. Beyond the construction, we understand the reasons. We understand the shelf life factors, the microbiological risks, the reduction steps, and the environmental control within a high care facility. We consider the facility mapping, the air, product, packaging, garbage, people flow, along with the options available to mitigate the risk at each of these movements.

We understand your issues. We know the difficulties of managing a GFSI audit or juggling USDA compliance. We can work with you to make the changes within your existing facility or create and entirely new one where these shortcomings may be virtually eliminated. 

We know the details and the right vendors to produce your project. With our design involvement we will tackle the small details that make up a successful end product.

We are sensitive to the rapid changes within the food industry. We know you need to implement quickly and economically to maintain your customer relations and accounts.

Finally, we are different because we listen, learn, and educate every day to better the marketplace with safe products for your and our families. Call us today to discuss your open issues and how we may be of help.


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