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Vault Design is a collection of experts from a food plant operations and construction. We come from the industry formerly as operations directors, schedulers, supervisors, engineers, and most importantly food safety and quality experts. We understand the need of your operation and we understand the difficulties of your position. We also understand the challenges working with contractors who don’t fully consider the risk they pose while working within your facility.

We specialize in designing and building USDA production facilities with a High / Low care risk separation. We manage the project from concept to completion starting with understanding your objectives and finishing with your compliance audit.  

Our focus is at the core of your production process and what it will take to deliver the best end product to your customer. Beyond the construction, we understand the reasons. We understand the shelf life factors, the microbiological risks, the reduction steps, and the environmental control within a high care facility. We consider the facility mapping, the air, products, packaging, garbage, and people flow along with the options available to mitigate the risk a each of these movement.

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